The banks & jetties over the 24 acre lake there is always shelter & positions that are calm whatever the weather is doing & dont forget you can park right next to your jetty. Other fisheries might struggle with adverse weather the clever planting of dense woodland causes natural breaks in the wind & rain so don’t let bad weather but you off from fishing with us.

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of fishing in Winter. Wrap up warm and you can still get some great fishing. Days are shorter and fishing often does not really kick in this time of year until about 11am once any first frost has dissipated.

Effective natural patterns are the Green Damsel with Blue Tinsel and Green Damsel Nymph which are always fishable flies however small patterns are deadly at this time of year particularly Bloodworms and Buzzers as the midge is the only fly that hatches 365 days per year.

It is only cold rain and hail which can push fish down in the water and stop feeding. Changes in weather conditions can often stimulate fish into feeding, often because of changes in atmospheric pressure. Light rain or a warm shower on a cold day can trigger hatches of insects and get fish feeding. Sun can also trigger feeding on a cold or dull day. When there are no clouds and sun fish go deeper because they have no eyelids so get blinded by the lightness.

Washing line rigs can be extremely productive at this time of year ( Alec will set this up for you if needed). Fish deep on a sinking or intermediate line with a fritz for example or handmade muddles we have in stock still only 50p at the point lifting the leader in the water, a buzzer on the middle dropper and bloodworm on the top dropper so it fishes lowest in the water closest to the bottom where the natural bloodworm is found.